Click the images below to view:  the YEL SGM/EGM held on Wednesday 15th January 2020 at Notts County FC.

Also available is the RESPECT section led by Colin Speirs - YEL Respect

The Discipline section led by Mark Ives - Head of Judicial Services, The FA in London

MY CHILD - The Referee

A powerful and poignant RESPECT piece from the Spring season Presentation Day at the Royal Concert Hall on Saturday June 1st. If you haven't already seen it, please spend a few minutes watching it

Click the links below to find out how to use the FA's MATCHDAY app

Matchday - managers - how to use.jpg
Matchday - players - parents how to use.

What quality of photograph should be uploaded to Whole Game System?

We need a good, clear image where the player's head is at least half the height of the picture - see below - all of the top row pictures edged in green are perfect.

Please ensure your images match what is required as we have already rejected 20% of those submitted for this coming season 2018/19. See the examples on the bottom row edged in red. These are too far away and NOT acceptable.

Matchday - payment redemption.jpg
Matchday - payments via PayPal.jpg

Your match day player ID sheet should look like this

The above example shows a typical squad list ID sheet which is downloaded from Whole Game System. EVERY team in the YEL should have their own ID sheet which MUST be shown to the opposition prior to the start of ANY YEL game for U7s - U14s

Rules, team sheets, bad weather procedure etc

We have a dedicated section with the 2019/20 rules etc. Just click the picture..

We are very grateful to one of our referees, JACK FERRIS from Gamston, for creating this 'at a glance' guide covering basic rules, players numbers, playing time ..... and more. Thanks Jack

YEL now on facebook. Click here to link through to our YEL page...

Click here for a quick guide to FULL-TIME and how to complete a Match Report.....

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 Upcoming events              



 All clubs to attend

 The Wheeler Suite

 Notts County FC

 Meadow Lane

 Nottingham  NG2 3HJ

 7.30pm start. Doors open from 7pm

 SUNDAY 26th JANUARY              


 Age groups/teams to be confirmed

 Champions and runners-up

 Royal Concert Hall

 Nottingham  NG1 5ND

 10.15am - 9pm

 SUNDAY 23rd FEBRUARY           


 Age groups/teams to be confirmed

 Champions & runners-up

 Royal Concert Hall

 Nottingham  NG1 5ND

 10.15am - 9pm

Click the YEFL logo above for a basic manager's guide on the day to day running of a team in the YEL. It covers many of the questions you are likely to ask and explains what, when and how you should do things. 

YEL office 

How Match-Up works 

To use Match-Up you MUST be logged into Scoreline first


The league has a list of available referees each week and appoints them YEL games up until Wednesday evening. If we are unable to appoint a referee to a game the status of the match on Full-Time changes from 'TBC' (which means we are trying to find a referee) to 'None.' At this point we have exhausted all options available to us and it is then up to teams to find a club official or willing parent to referee the game. However, on occasion, referees become available after this Wednesday night cut off. These officials will be advertised on Match-Up from Thursday morning. It is up to teams to look at the list to try and find a suitable referee based on the distance they can travel and their referee qualification. Referees should be contacted BY TEXT ONLY and they will respond to advise if they can take the game.


To use Match-Up you MUST be logged into Scoreline first

This is a live system with information being updated all the time so please keep checking back here if you still need a referee. 

To use Match-Up you MUST be logged into Scoreline first

To obtain the referees' contact details click the REFEREE CONTACT DETAILS button which will take you to the secure YELscoreline page. When the scoreline page opens, click on the name of the referee you are wanting.


is back!



wgs update 2.png







1. Click the WGS image above to open a pdf on Whole Game System


2. Log in to Whole Game System and click the red 'NEED HELP' tab on the right hand side of the screen


3. REGISTERING PLAYERS 2019/20 Click the image (WGS 2019/20 info update) for latest information from The FA on how to register players for this coming season

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